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verifying employment

Is it legal to verify a tenant's employment after the lease term has begun? I have a tenant who claims that they are on medical leave but we live in a small town and I was told that she was let go. She has 30 days left on her lease, has paid her rent on time but is trying to deny me access to the unit for an inspection and for prospective tenants to see the unit. I think she is using the excuse of being ill to deny access for some reason. Things are just not adding up. My reason for wanting to verify her employment is to gauge whether story she is telling me is true so I'll know how to proceed.

Call Human Resources, tell them who you are and that your verifying her employment for rental...... If she's not working there, ask them what was her last day...... Given her attitude about an inspection, finding new tenants may be a better option vs renting to her again..... If that's your choice, send her a letter reminding her that her lease expires on (date/time) and that you will not be renewing the lease......You may also want to contact a lawyer in case she does't pay her rent on time to start an eviction....Check your local/state tenant laws, also.
As for the denial of inspection, all states have a set amount of time where you have legal right to enter the property for inspection rather they like it or not. For example in Virginia I have to provide a 24 hour notice that I will be inspecting the property. They cannot deny me entry. Check what the time frame is for your state, provide notice, and enter. If they refuse or block entry you have rights to push for eviction.
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