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Purchasing Home With Active Lease Agreement

Hi there, We closed escrow 3/4/19, tenants signed an estoppel, and also received a 6 day notice to vacate as their lease ends 4/30/19.  I mailed and posted a notice/letter introducing myself and husband stating when we took ownership of home, how rent will be payable, when, when, how, etc.  The tenants asked for "official documentation." What other official documentation is needed. I did send them a copy of the forms they signed prior to escrow, an escrow document showing previous owners transferred pro-rated rent and security deposits, and a copy of the grant deed.  They were informed throughout the process by the previous property management company. The tenants are not answering my phone calls, and repairs need to be made on the water heater. I posted a notice more than 24 hours in advance, and offered to have it fixed immediately, which the tenant did reply with "no" when offered.  Advise needed : )

Thank you for the clarification.  My advice still stands.  Go in if the lease allows.  You may have to formally evict them if they choose to be jerks about it.  If getting in as soon as the lease is up matters to you,  see if you can give them a bit of money to leave early,  say 1/4 months rent plus prorated rent for that month.   It offends my sense of justice but I do it,  as it's just easier.  I have evicted before and that's just hard on the blood pressure.  Good luck.
You are in California?  Laws favor the tenant there.  I am confused.  If lease isn't up for seven more weeks,  what is the six day notice for?  I thought in every state tenants are allowed to live out the current lease.  As to the official documentation,  I would reply "The paperwork you signed and the grant deed is the official documentation".  Enter the property if the lease allows you to do so after the 24 hour notice.  They are just pissed that they are not being renewed and making it hard for you.
****60 day notice, not 6
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