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Moving to Florida, but never came...after signing lease, paid deposit

A couple decided to move to Florida, viewed my apartment, submitted application, deposit and signed a one year lease. Three weeks later they called and said the contract on the sale of there house fell through. They want to cancel lease. I told them I would put the property back on the market...I rented it to a new tenant to arrive the 1st of the next Month, all is good with new tenant.   I explained to the couple I would apply the deposit to the lost rent for one month....I received a demand letter for the return of the deposit....I believe I am entitled under Florida Law.

Hello,  If you have their signature on a lease and they backed out, they can tell their story walking away.   Matthew
You'd also be entitled to any extra costs to relist the apartment.  Such as advertising, realtor fees, maybe even the extra utilities for that time period.
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