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help bad criminal and scammer landlord

hi what can i do if my landlord is evicting me due to non payment of rent from me. reason being is because before i moved in my landlord begged me time after time if i can take care of alot of various repairs due to needs of passing final inspection which if they didnt know the guy who did the inspection wouldnt have passed it any ways because on the breaker box theres no circuit breaker signed and dated electrical approval  stamped anywhere, the place isnt even grounded. so i paid for materials and labor cost me near 2000$ now did i forget to mention that he told me and many of my contractors numerous times over and over that e would pay me back even times wenn he was supervising i still was asked to cover the cost and he sworn to pay me back, alxso i pay for my garage its included with my rent, my landlord has had it occupied the whole time i've rented from him with his and other peoples things, and they have been coming in and out of my house as they please even leaving he doors unlocked garage wide open heaters running  all night ,even now there seems to be mice in there. my landlord has given somebody else a key to my place and i,ve felt so scared and uncomfortable in my home i cant even sleep at nights, it became even worst when my landlord asked me to let those peoples using my garage stay one night at my place, in front of the guy he was asking for to boot, of course i'm afraid of what they might do to me if i said no so i said yes ok, its been over a week now and the other day that person brought a sawed off shot gun into my house i feel so unsafe. rite after he asked me if those people can stay for a day he slapped me with an eviction notice for non payment of rent.. i have not been able to work or focus and now i'm so stressed out my heart is always beating so fast and i'm just shook. what can i do please help i don't even know my legal rights and no longer have money to pay for anything because i used it all to help my landlord fix up his house.
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Move out and place a lean on the house for the cost of the materials you bought.
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