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clause in preexisting lease

I had a one year lease with my tenants in Colorado.  We had a verbal commitment to renew however it turns out that it wasn't followed up my anything in writing.  As the tenants have continues to pay rent, they believe that it became a month to month situation (unless in Colorado that means the lease was renewed.) This is likely correct.  My question: The written lease had  provisions for a security deposit, last month's rent and a 60 day notice by the tenants if not renewing.  We obviously didn't rewrite anything when the lease expired.  They tell me that the last month's rent and security deposits are still in effect but not the 60 day notice.  .Can they pick and choose what parts of the lease are in effect after the fact?  They are now giving  a 30 day notice and not paying for March.

Should still be 60 days.  I have my leases set up to auto-renew if I'm not given 60 days notice.
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