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eviction of tenants in residential lease

I am a landlord and owner of a residential home located in southern California , San Diego that I lease out usually 1 year term. I recently had non paying nightmare tenants in a year lease and they paid only first months rent while living there in home the next 5 months not paying anymore rent owning me the owner around 20 k in rent plus utilities they never paid at all of 2k. I did hired a  eviction attorney who did successfully obtain an up coming firm eviction date by court that by law will get them of home on a upcoming date. However i'm out around 20 k rent never paid by these tenants .As a owner/landlord How do i get my back lost rent from these terrible tenants or should i not even bother going after them for money  around 20 k ???  any advise is appreciated Regards RJ

Did you screen these tenants?  get a judgement for the money owed.   Probably never see anything but it will help other people when they see it and get it on their credit report.
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