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abandoned property/oregon

I have a tenant that has their rent paid by a local agency--It has been a nightmare since the beginnning with  lots of violations which led us to court. Long story short the husband is abusive and keeps getting thrown in jail and they are destroying the property day by day....The organization that provides the rent has not been responsive since we all went to court and are supposed to be doing a weekly checkin with the renters but I think they are scared to death of the husband and we are all just waiting out the lease at this point which ends in August. The neighbor reported a couple of weeks ago that they hadnt seen anyone especially the wife and the two small kids that are  the whole reason we leased to her in the first place ( the husband had never been mentioned and then showed up on day two and has caused nothing but trouble since) I posted a 24 hour notice after mutiple attempts to reach her with no response. Went into the apartment today to see quite the destruction. Trash everywhere and lots of moldy food everywhere including the fridge that was unplugged full of food... It's apparent they arent there but it looks like they took off in mid bite...all their personal items are there....its alot of junk for sure but its theirs....I do not want to inventory this junk or keep it stored for 30 days which is what the law indicates....anybody have a great idea??
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