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Tenant asking for compensation during AC repair

Two family home in VA.  My tenants in upper unit notified me July 5th of AC issue.  I had company A make an emergency call that evening.  Parts of the AC was frozen he recommend waiting until Sunday July 7th to repair.  The tenants, not happy, asked if I could call company B (their recommendation) to see if they could assist the melting by using a hair dryer, and make the repair.  I had company B come out July 6th (next day at their request), and he stated even if he wanted to, the motor was bad and had to be ordered. He recommended waiting for company A since they were called first, and I still payed him for his emergency visit.  Company A came out July 7th and discovered he would have to order a new motor.  I also discovered that the tenants were staying with a family member during this time (as they state).  On July 11, not having a new motor yet, I offered, and they accepted me going to Target to buy 3 nice tower fans (spent 200), to help with their comfort (but mind you, they are staying elsewhere?).  I figure they would stay back in the unit?  Tenant in lower unit is fine, as he has tower fans, and is on the lower cooler level (I assessed and it seemed fine).  After several days, company A finally got the motor in, and came to replace it on July 15th!  They then discovered the housing was bad in the unit and needed to be replaced.   I then offered to pay for a hotel, to both upper/lower tenants until it is fixed.  Both declined.  Company A was able to get the part in July 17, and are installing today July 18.   Upper tenants are asking for 2 weeks off rent because they have been out of the home since July 4th.  Should I comply, is it reasonable?  In my mind, I feel that maybe 10 days worth...not like I wasn't trying... Why would they accept the tower fans? Not trying to be a bad landlord, what is legal/appropriate?  I have been overly apologetic to them at every single turn, and I have always complied with all of their requests.  They have been tenants for 2.5 years, lower tenant has been there 4.

Let's see...7/5 - 7/18 was the length of repairs. That's 13 days. You seemed to be very responsive and accommodating throughout the entire process. "I then offered to pay for a hotel, to both upper/lower tenants until it is fixed. Both declined." So, if it was me (18 years in the landlord business). I would this formula as fair; 1. Tenant wants 14 days rent discount. 2. The A/C was out for 13 days (7/5-7/18). 3. 7/15 they declined your offer for a hotel room. Therefore, 7/15 - 7/18 (3 days) is on them. 13 total minus 3 = 10 days. Because you offered fans, offer one week and if they balk, 10 days of rent off.
From what you wrote, I think offering to meet in the middle would be fair.  One week off their rent.  You responded promptly, paid for fans, and offered a hotel, which they declined.
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