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Current CA since 2008 requesting a walk-in tub

I have rented my 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house to an couple since 2008 (LA County).  They are good tenants pay on time and with every repair or problem to the house I am quick to respond and repair.    On July 3, 2021 they texted me that the main bathroom and sink were backing up. So I met with my plumber at the rental house and the women tenant also informed me that she would like a walk-in tub at the cost of $5-10k.     This is not part of the original lease agreement. Also there is another shower in the master bedroom that she has access to. Am I obligated to remodel my  house to aging tenants. Also, what if she has an accident and falls in the bathtub am I liable now that I'm aware of the situation?  Thank you for your information on this situation. Raquel
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You tell them that they are able to change the tub at their expense and that they would also be responsible to return the bathroom to original condition at the end of their lease.
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