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Emotional Support Letter for Pet

I permit renters to have a pet in my property, but they are charged an additional pet deposit, as well as an additional monthly fee. I have an applicant who presented me with a ESA letter, that would make it illegal for me to enforce these additional charges. What addendum can in put in place to protect myself and my property, to cover any potential damages?   The property is in Pennsylvania.  Thank you for your feedback.
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Those ESA letter from the internet are junk.  Make sure you verify the letter.  How Can a Landlord Verify an ESA Letter? As a landlord, you do have the right to verify that the letter from the therapist is real and from a therapist that is licensed. To do this, you will need to check that the letter is written on the mental health professional’s letterhead, along with their contact information (phone number, email address, practice address).  An ESA Letter should include the professional’s license number, date it was issued, and signature.  If you have any concerns about the validity of the letter, you should NOT contact the mental health professional directly. This could be considered a violation of the patient’s right to privacy.
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