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tenant signed lease, walked through and has keys but bails

Hello, for a property in DC, the tenant signed the lease, performed the walk-through and accepted the keys. Paid deposit and first month rent. Prior to the tenant accepting the keys I disclosed that I had entered into a pest control contract as a few roaches had been seen, and that the apartment was treated starting that day. Later that day the tenant began a series of emails that resulted in their wanting to break the lease all together. Tenant still has the keys, so I will request they are returned. How many months rent would they owe? I assume I keep the deposit and first month.
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Normally, when a tenant breaks lease, you can usually get one additional months rent. Anything beyond that and, should the tenant take you to court, you'll need to prove extenuating circumstances before the judge usually considers it. In this case, change the locks, keep the two months, find a new tenant.
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