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Baltimore City Rent Increase

I am unable to find any detailed information regarding rent increases in Baltimore.  I had the same tenant for 10 years and have not increased the rent.  Needless to say, the property is being rented way under market rents. I am strongly considering selling the property but want to weigh my options. I would appreciate any information that anyone familiar with Baltimore City, MD tenant/landlord law.  Rent Increase       - Do I have to wait to for the lease to be up before I can increase the rent?       - Is there a limit on how much or often you can increase the rent?  Sale of Property       - If I decide to sell my property, do I have to provide a reason for the sale or can I just send them a 60 day, non renewal notice.  Thank you.
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Unless it's government subsidized housing, you can increase rent by any amount you deem appropriate. Yes, You MUST WAIT for the lease to expire before you can change the rent however. If you're going to sell, I advise NOT telling the tenant or giving them notice. Almost all rental property purchasers want to have a tenant in place as this helps them with the financing. IF you do give them 60 day notice, it would have to be the last 60 days of their existing lease. You cannot evict solely on your desire to sell the property.
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