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Nonpayment of rent

I text my tenet that their monthly rent has not been received by the due date. I requested that tenet resend monthly payment including late fee. What is the next step to take if they refuse to pay the late fee?

Send a pay or quit notice.
Send out a pay or vacate notice and see if they contact you, if they do not contact you, reach out to them. Find out if they have a hardship due to Covid, loss of employment etc. Find out if there are any organizations that are offering  assistance with rental payments and send them options. If your State is not falling under the moratorium act, if the above suggested actions do not work, I would file for possession/eviction. Make sure you send out the pay or vacate notice 1st. I hope this helps, good luck!
I have a tenant who contacted me and said he bought a house and wanted to end his lease early.  He had three months left on his one year lease.  I sent him an option for a 60day early termination clause where he would pay two months rent to be released from his lease and obligations for utilities, yard, etc.  He replied back with "No deal.  One month payment only".  He said he would continue his lease.  November 1 I received an email that he moved out and had all the utilities turned off.  I have sent him two late notices and a letter stating he is responsible for the house until his lease terminates, etc.  No response.  December rent will be due tomorrow.  How many notices do I need to send him before turning over to our collection agency?  He is an attorney.
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