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Firearms and room renters

My daughter is living in a house that we own with a tenant renting a room from us. There is a four year old step grandchild and my daughter is pregnant. THe tenant is applying for a gun and wants to keep it in the house. He is planning to keep it in a locked safe in his closet. My daughter is very uncomfortable with this and does not want a firearm in the house at all. The tenant says we are violating his rights and will talk with a “gun rights attorney “ if we prohibit him from getting one. This house is in California. Please let me know if anyone is familiar with our rights. Thanks!
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Unless its specifically states in the lease that firearms are prohibited on the grounds, there is nothing you can do. You only option is to add the clause to the next lease and have him sign or vacate. Tell the gun right attorney that as the property owner, you have the final say as to what can and can't be stored on your property.
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