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Permission to Market?

We have some great tenants, who due to various reasons, will likely not be able to renew their lease.  Home is in Orange County, CA. Tenants have been there for 4 years. I Ask 90 days ahead of time each year if the intent is to stay on , or move, and the rent is increased  between 2-2.5% each year (it was slightly below market to start, and we have increasing taxes and upkeep costs to manage). This gives them 30 days to respond, and if they aren't ok with the rent increase, or have other reasons to move, I can give the required 60 day notice.  My question is this: in January I will send a letter noting their lease is set to expire in 90 days.  If they are not choosing to stay on (which they have indicated due to their family circumstances is likely) , I would like to market the home 45 days before lease expiration as we are in a very competitive leasing market and this way I will have tenants in place and make the place ready for move in.  Do I need the current tenant's permission to generally market the   home (ie online listing), or am I only required to give 48 hours notice to show, and I don't need their permission to list while they occupy?
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It's your house. The tenant has no say in the matter of listing.
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