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Damages to SFH rental

Long term tenant recently moved out of SFH. Appeared to take care of the property from the outside  but inside was another story.  They violated a non smoking clause in the lease and both husband and wife ended up being chain smokers and the walls, floors and cabinets were stained with a heavy film that took 3 washing to remove. They also violated a no pet policy and had 2 dogs and a cat. The amount of cat hair was immeasurable  and the dogs damaged a oak hardwood floor to the point of needing remanded and stained. Urine damaged areas of carpets to the point of needing replaced. They hot wired the air conditioning compressor for some reason and burned out the compressor.  Too many holes in the walls to count.   My question is this. What are damages limited to and too what extent can I pursue collections of damages awarded if the tenants have now purchased an SFH of their own.
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