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Can tenant withhold rent because landlord has not provided copy of lease

The subject line is the gist of it.  New tenant has signed lease, has taken possession of keys, and possession of property.  Landlord has not provided a copy of the lease (yet) with Landlord’s signature included.  Rent was due on 1st, late on 7th. Today is the 8th.  Tenant is withholding rent until they receive a copy of the lease.  1. Is it legal for tenant to withhold rent? 2. Can Landlord charge late fee? ($20)
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A tenant has every right to demand and receive a copy of the lease but a tenant may never withhold rent. If they withhold, you'll need to take them to court to collect. And the first thing the judge is going to say to you is "Why don't you just give them a copy of the lease?". And if you don't have a convincing answer, you lost your case.
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