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Baton Rouge tenant from hell

Renting a townhouse and live three+ hours away (bought for my son when he attended LSU and haven’t been able to sell). Only rented because the real estate agent said it would be more attractive to investors. Constant nuisance complaints with no substance or not saying specifically what exactly needs to be fixed. Ex. Won’t empty condensation pan under fridge and a little gets on the floor (doesn’t  even fill the grout indent between the title). I have said I would replace the fridge (it’s old), but availability at the big box guys is non-existent right now. Has continued to complain about fixed items and avoids questions when asked to confirm it was fixed (paid contractor).   Lawyer relative just sent a demand letter and a nasty email saying the water is a safety hazard and someone slipped and got hurt, among other fabrications. I’m absolutely done with this person. Can I evict for cause? I will happily pay a lawyer and forego the rent to get rid of the drama.
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