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Reporting Tenants to Credit Agencies without a SS Number

Bill the Landlord mentions in his post & provided a link to your site to find instructions or how to report a tenant without a ss number after they refuse to pay for damages to a rent home beyond the security deposit amount after they vacate? I don't see the post anywhere.   I have before & after photos of my rent home and repair receipts and have provided an itemized list to a tenant within regarding what was deducted from his security deposit & what is still owed by him.  I have billed him as well as his company, several times with payment deadlines. His company provided a "Guaranty Letter " with his signed lease agreement, yet, neither will pay, he refuses to believe that he caused any damage. The home was totally remodeled top to bottom & was immaculate when he leased it. No one had lived there. When he filled out his lease application, he could not provide a ss number on it because he is foreign & was brought in by his company a week earlier to work here for 4-5 years & had not obtained it yet. He said he was "in the process of obtaining a ss number & DL number". But, I never could get it from him after repeated requests throughout the lease. That was a red flag, I know. I have copies of his VISA & passport and the company’s “guaranty letter”, which is deceitful of them to provide if they thought it would influence the credit approval process in lieu of his not having US credit established and a ss # & now they won't stand by it.  In the meantime, I wanted to know who to turn to or how can I report him to a credit bureau while he is still in this country for the next few years for his delinquent bill? He is leasing another home with another unsuspecting landlord now & I'd like to at least warn other future landlords to take much higher security deposits if they choose to rent to him or any of his company's employees brought over here.  Thanks for your help.

I have never reported a tenant before, but I do know that its possible. There are companies that do this, or you can contact one of the major credit organizations and see how you personally may do this.
I have never faced such problem with my tenants as my property management company, Hunter Rentals & Property Management handles all such cases for me. I think you should consult to a property management company as they would assist you in the best possible way.
I also never faced such issues with my tenants.
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