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Covid-19 rent paying problems

My tenants are worried about being able to make rent due to loss of work because of our shelter in place for CA. We also have to still make our mortgage payment. Is there any actual legislation anyone has seen passed at this time? We are in Humboldt County if that makes a difference.

I just posted a similar Q about this and all I have as info for now is this:  good video for reference.
sorry to hear that. My tenant just called me to reassure me that they are essential and will be paying their rent as scheduled. Hawaii will be stay at home starting at midnight so my level of worry has dropped considerably. My lender had notified me that they are offering forbearance.  you may want to contact your lender to find out.  Best of luck
On the 16th I served my tenant a 7 day to pay or leave... She called as said she is having bank trouble however she just went on two trips out of the country the last 2 out of 3 months. It the 28th and we have not received rent this month and she signed a promise to pay by the 31st. Although I have a bad feeling. She get SSI because she is a widow and she tried to say with everything going on she is not sure when she will get her check? I told her that is with the government she will receive her check and rent has to be paid as I have to pay the mortgage and you can not live rent free. Mind you her lease is up and was up since March. If I don’t get payment on the 31st I have to give her a final eviction. This will mean she is 2 months behind.  She will owe $4050 by then. This is so upsetting to me. We inherited 4 tenants with the homes we purchased. Just 20 days ago I had to issue a pay or vacate to another tenant who vacated but left the home a mess. I’ve own many properties and never had trouble like I am know and then with the virus I’m hearing I can’t evict people? I mean I gave her the notice before this all went bad so the process was started. Are you allowed evict a tenant during this time? I’m in Alabama. Thank yiu
Hi,  I hear you!  I am in a very similar situation and my tenant just paid 1/2 of rent.  I served her 7 day notice to pay or quit and had her served.  This all happened just a couple days before Covid19 but I'm sure she will try to use this as an excuse to resolve her of her obligation.  I called Civil Justice Center and she told me the governor of Nevada has put a halt for landlords to be able to evict for now.  I will everything I can to hold her accountable to her very strict and clear lease agreement she signed thru ezlandlordforms.  We too, have a mortgage, HOS, taxes, etc.  We ALL are being hit hard from this.   Unfortunately, some people will try and get away with as much as they can.  Hopefully you have a solid lease, send it to her again and highlight the tenants obligations and signature.  You may have to go to small claims court and get the money owed to you fair and square in smaller increments.  Hope this helps.  I've done it before and while a pain in the butt was worth it financially.
I also am concerned since I rent 2 units. I understand if SS or SSI or DI no lose of income does not afford the luxury of with holding rent since no lose of income.
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