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Renters Trashed the house. Left owing part of rent and late charges. the hauling off of trash alone will be more than deposit What recourse do I have?

Can I take him to court to collect?

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Yes, you can, especially if you have this notated in your lease on the condition of the property once they leave. Have pictures of before they moved in and after they left. Receipts on the cost of repairing the damages and the hauling the trash off. It may take a while to get your money but be patient. The court could award you a judgement on your costs including attorney fees (if you have this included in your lease), process serving fees and court costs. But there is another process you would have to go through to collect your monies, you wouldn't get it right then, not in TN.

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i have an issue with how to proceed in mn dealing with a tenant whom came with the property when i purchased it. the lease that was in place at the time was pretty solid so i kept that in place after it expired it converted month to month. well after she flooded the 2nd floor damaged interior doors and walls and come to find out the box of furnace filters 12 month supply i picked up for her were never used ever that was 7 years ago. she was served through registered mail notice to vacate i was not renewing the lease repairs and updates needed to be made. when i asked her this month when could i expect rent....she replied she would have to get back to me on that.....ok the damages exceed her deposit by far im at a loss and now she thinks im suppose to use her deposit to remedy rent past

If the renters trashed my house and left owing rent and late charges, I have a few options for recourse. First, I can try to contact the renters and negotiate a plan for them to pay the outstanding balance. If that is not successful, I can file a claim in small claims court to seek damages. In order to do this, I will need to provide evidence of the damages and the amount owed. If the cost of hauling off the trash and cleaning up the property is more than the deposit, I may be able to seek additional damages in court. I may also want to consider reaching out to a lawyer or legal aid organization for assistance.
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