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Showing before taking an application

In my advertisement, I state that no showing appointments will be scheduled until the prospective tenant has submitted a completed application which includes a comprehensive background investigation. I received a message from this man who asked when he could see the property. I reiterated our policy. I just read another message from this man that said, "If I choose to, I can go see the property any time I want to without submitting an application.

Now, let me say right now. I have no intention to rent my property to this yahoo. Certainly not after that comment. 

What should my response to him be?

I always tell prospective tenants that they are welcome to drive by the location, if they are in the area. Sometimes that gives the prospective tenants the opportunity to decide before they go to the time and effort to pay the app fee and submit an application whether it's an area they would like, close enough to work or amenities, etc. They will be unable to get inside the property without you, so it shouldn't be an issue.  I agree, I wouldn't rent to the "yahoo" either :-) but of course you can not say that to him, or it could be a legal discriminatory issue.  There are ALWAYS difficult people submitting applications; that's just par for the course when you're a landlord, unfortunately.  Keeping a sense of humor during the process is key!  Good luck!

When responding to the individual who made the comment about seeing the property without submitting an application, it's important to maintain professionalism while asserting your policy. Here's a suggested response:

"Thank you for your interest in the property. As stated in our previous message, our policy requires prospective tenants to submit a completed application, including a comprehensive background investigation, before scheduling any showing appointments. This policy ensures that we prioritize serious inquiries and maintain a fair and efficient application process. If you are willing to comply with our application requirements, we would be happy to schedule a showing for you. However, if you choose not to submit an application, we won't be able to accommodate your request to view the property. Thank you for understanding."

This response conveys your policy clearly while emphasizing the importance of adhering to it. It also maintains a professional tone, even though you have already made your decision not to rent the property to this individual.

- This answer was written by AI (ChatGPT) and reviewed by the ezLandlordForms team.

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