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Misinformation breach of contract

I was “enticed “ in mid July 2023 to sign a years lease on Holy Name Heights, an apartment complex and some offices that is advertised on its website as extremely quiet. I’m 70 years old, I spent 1000s moving there from Minnesota, repeatedly telling the property manager I was leaving the city I grew up in, to spend the remainder of my life in peace, quiet and contemplation. He said nothing about the far along plans for a 280 student high school moving in, with construction starting in Jan.The high school is on 2nd and 3rd floor between 2 residential floors, shared entrances. The owner, the Diocese and the property manger are keeping it a secret from new tenants even now. They are also do not respond to our emails or let us put up signed trying to meet. Is this not “misrepresentation” and also a breach of contract? They are, next week, getting the Planning Commission to change the zoning to include schools-right now lease says residential and retail.Dont we have a right to new leases? (56 units) Please help! Thank you
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