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Right to perform periodic rental inspections in CA

I own a rental in California, also am exempt from California AB1482.  I perform periodic general inspections on my rental in order to change the furnace filter (because I can't rely on the tenants to do it), check sink cabinets for leaks, test smoke/CO alarms, and ensure that the property is being reasonably maintained.  


I just came across an article written in 2018 that says CA landlords have limited rights to perform inspections, quoting:  "Although some states allow landlords to enter their rental properties to conduct general inspections, California is not one of them...Unless an emergency make needed repairs or to show the home to a prospective renter or buyer..."


Can anyone validate the accuracy of this information?  During my most recent inspection, I found several deficiencies in maintenance due to neglect (surface maintenance that was explicitly noted in the contract), a problem with the furnace due to tenant oversight, and a problem with a light fixture that I need to take care of.


I was getting ready to ask the tenant to rectify the cleaning issues that go beyond normal W&T and qualify as neglect, but am now afraid I'm not legally able to even do an inspection or require the tenant to correct the deficiencies???



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