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Tenant has locked landlord out and refuses to let landlord in to assess damages and show room

Writing on behalf of the actual landlord (my partner). This tenant has been a nightmare concerning damages. She rents out a room from our house. She has a full lease agreement, and claims she will be moving out in June. Shes made multiple moving out claims that have not happened. Since the lease was fully made, she has: - started a small fire in her room thar would have 100% spread if not caught when it was. She left the house with a candle on. -her pet, a medium sized dog, had clawed up multiple areas of carpet and has a urination and fecal problem in our basement specifically. -smokes in her room despite multiple requests not to. We were ready to eat the cost of all of this just to get her out of our house. However, since the last revelation, we now want to pursue some type of payment for her damages. My partner also wants to be able to take pictures of her room for showing purposes, as we would want to continue renting the space. She has (over text and verbally) cussed my partner out, claiming that he is not allowed in her space, not allowed to take pictures, and that its not her problem that he needs to. She has changed the lock on her door today. She has claimed that she will not be reading any 24-hour notices regarding entry into her room. We know that legally, we can enter with notice. What do we do about the locks? Should we call the police over this? What more can we do to cover ourselves? This is our first tenant.
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