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How can a landlord terminate an auto renewing lease?

I live in California. My lease has a clause which states that it is set for auto renewal. There are 2 additional clauses which state that (i) tenant shall have the option to renew the lease for an additional term and (ii) if tenant or landlord don't wish to renew, a written notice must be given to the other party at least 60 days before the end of the term.

The lease started on 5/19/23 and was renewed on 5/19/24 because I didn't give the tenants a 60 day advance notice of termination of the lease. 

The tenants are not consenting to sign a new lease with the auto renewal turned off.

What are my options to end the lease? Should I wait until 5/18/25 for the lease term to expire? Can I still give them a 60 day notice to terminate the lease in the middle of it's term? Even if I give them a minimum of 60 day notice, will the lease be auto renewed?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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