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College student roommate lease questions

Hello. We recently bought a house near my son's college. he will be living there (and paying rent through his 529) with 4 other roommates. He has found the renters and will be acting as my agent. I will be asking their parents to cosign. My main question is do I write a lease with each of them individually or do I write one lease for all five of them? my son will be there for two years. Some of the others want a full year lease and some just want nine months. I believe the leases have to be six month minimum.  I also would appreciate any other advice on clauses to include besides no pets as I am a complete novice at this. I mainly want to break even with maybe a little profit and then sell the house when he graduates or if it works out and he gets us good tenants keep it until I retire. The house is in SC and we are in NY. BTW I did try and hire a lawyer in SC to help me with no returned calls so will take referrals.  Thank you all for any help.  Robin

I rent a house to college students, usually 5 or 6 students are on the lease. I don't rent the rooms, I rent the house.  They will come to me in a group of 5/6 to rent the house. I have the group sign a yearly lease.  At the end i will send out a lease renewal for another year. Usually half stay and half leave(graduated) but the ones who stay are responsible for finding replacements for the ones who left.  Hope this helps.
I did this for my kids and wrote a lease for each individual roommate.
No one?
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