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PA Landlords

Is PA a good state to be a land lord?

PA is a awesome state to own properties! Vacancy rates are pretty low in my part of the state. Of course, your milage may vary. Look in the local newspapers to get a sense of the local rental business. If you have any other questions about landlording in PA, feel free to post more questions. I'm always looking out for my fellow landlords. Peace!
Absolutely!  Especially in Philadelphia.  There is no rent control.  But if you are a great landlord like myself, you try to be fair with the pricing.  Good luck.
Central Pennsylvania is a great place to own rental properties. The area continues to grow, and such industries as the Federal Government build more facilities in the area. Because of this, their is a good healthy demand for rentals.
Overall, PA is not a bad place for land lords. There is a steady supply of renters, but lower interest rates have hurt that a bit. In the long run, being a landlord is great!
I would say tha PA is a "fair" place to rent to people, but there are certain areas that are growing quickly and where there may be a housing shortage. That is where you might want to be a landlord because there is a demand for short-term housing.
That is a good point, but remember that the growing areas will likely also have a higher cost to get in to a building--in other words, the demand for housing in a growing area may drive up the cost of rental units, so your rent will be higher, but so will your expenses. Do your homework and rely on well-written forms like this site has!!
I am in an area that requires that you have your house, apt or condo inspected before you can rent it.  This is something I did not know and now am trying to figure out if the lease is still valid because my tenants are not giving me an opportunity to remedy the problem.  They have moved out claiming the house should not have been rented and the lease is not legal.  Anybody know anything about this?
Hi David---Would the inspection office be willing to assist you? If the apartment is habitable, they may be willing to provide the help you need. It is important to have this info in the lease!
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