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Landlord vs Tenant responsibilty

In process  of updating a lease from Yearly to Month-Month. Question on form asks what is responsibilty of Landlord, Tenant in maintenace of property.  A issue during the year resulted with having a plumber out to the site. The plumber informed me that he found toys, lots of hair and stuff in the toliet line. Which he felt should be the expense to the tenant since they were not really perhaps watching the children in the house.  What is opinion will be appreciated.  Camellia

Get something in writing from the plumber certifying that the blockage was caused by the tenants, and either require them to pay for it, or withhold it from their security deposit. That  issue actually has nothing to do with maintenance, that's damage caused by the tenants, which they are responsible for.
Hi,   There is a section on my rental agreement form in hawaii under the maintenance section stating tenant agrees to maintain and properly use and operate all electrical, gas, plumbing and other fixtures and appliances supplied. Tenant is reponsible for changing light bulbs, air condioner filters, batteries for smoke/heat/motion detectors and other items, and if applicable, lawn/yard care. Tenant is responsible for any stoppage in plumbing fixtures or lines, and any damage caused by tenant , members of tenant's family, guests and others.    so if yours states that then yes and show it to them.
I think it does have something to do with the tenant's maintenance... because how do you keep things from breaking and keeping it in working condition is you maintain your items, for example if you don't maintain your vehicle and change your oil, check your tires what happens something bad will happen.  It does state maintain and properly use.
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