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What constitutes "written notice"

I live in the state of Illinois  When a tenant decides move and there is  a month-to-month lease agreement in place; if the tenant gives 30-days notice in the form of a text message. Email of Fax does that legally meet the requirement in Illinois of a "30-day written notice"?.  Taken From: Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General-Landlord and Tenants Rights and Law  Tenant’s Rights and Responsibilities... "You must give written notice when you intend to move if you don’t want to lose your security deposit. Normally, a 30-day notice is sufficient."    

A written notice is just that, a written notice. However, nothing says you can't accept a verbal or email as date of notification, but reqiure a written notice within a specific time such as 3 days. I do this all the time. And if I don't receive a written notice within the specified time, I use the date on the notification letter or P.O. stamp date which ever is later.
In the state of Illinois do the courts recognize text messages, Emails and Fax as a legal "written notice" or does the notice actually  have to be written and signed?  So, if my tenant gives me 30-days  notice that they're  moving and it comes to me in the form text message, Email or Fax is that a legal and binding " 30-days written  notice"?  I'm looking for the law, what's legal, not opinion.  Thank you :o)
For "legal" advice, contact a RE Lawyer   :-)
I'm not actually looking for advice, I'm looking for clarification to my question of  is a 30-day written notice being in the form of text message, Email or Fax legally binding and recognized by courts in the state of Ilinois?  What is an  "RE" lawyer?
As mentioned above, "A written notice is just that, a written notice". RE Lawyer = Real Estate Lawyer, who should be able to answer your question. Every State/Local agency have their own set of rules.
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