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Current Tenant wanting to add elderly ill mother to lease

Excellent tentant couple wanting to move in 80+ yr old ill frail mother to our home they are renting.  I have not given okay yet but have stated that I would not allow any modifications (railings, ramps, etc) to the home.  She still walks on her own but my main concern is slip and falls, getting sued, etc.   Are their forms and would it be legal in Indiana to get the couple plus the elderly mother to sign a 'hold harmless' and an additional stipulation that if she became disabled, she would have to live elsewhere?  Because the couple living there are always on time with rent, keep the place very clean both inside and outside and want to live there long term, I don't want to brush them aside without researching options satisfactory to all parties.  We have not discussed any bump in rent because my main concern is liability.   This couple does have an excellent track record based upon background checks, etc.  Even though the mother has a small dog and cat, the daughter prior to talking to me said no pets and another sibling is taking those pets.  I am concerned about ligitimate falls that could lead to lawsuits, not additional rent or fraud.  Thanks in advance for anyones feed back on this important concern.  

Hmmm... Generally speaking, the accessibility requirements of the American with Disabilities Act only applies to public buildings or workplaces, not residences- even though those residences may be rented by someone with disabilities.  BIG POINT noted... disabilities cannot be used as a discriminatory basis for denying a rental unit to someone
Thank You - good points...  Gary
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