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Relatives staying with tenant

Appears our tenant's two relatives have moved in and it's been around a month now. Tenant says she just arrived last night but this isn't true. My question is am I legally liable in any way if anything happens to them since they are not listed on the lease?

Do you have any clause in your lease about guests? You could try serving them an Unauthorized Occupant notice.
Extra people living in the unit is extra wear and tear.  It also sound like you have not met these relatives.  You owe it to your other tenants to find out who is living in your rental unit. Are they really relatives of your tenant? Are these relatives working?  Background checks maybe?  Also I would explain to your tenant that if these relatives are not just visiting then they need to fill out an application, if approved then get them on the lease at the very least.  I would charge extra per person for the drop ins.  Make sure your tenant knows that in the future they need to get permission/approval from you first.  Lou Ann Wisconsin
Which application is appropriate for a non-relative (guest) to fill out? I created an addendum for a "guest stay" after the original lease was signed and now one tenant is refusing to accept the addendum. Any ideas? In Kentucky I understand that a landlord has the right to add constraints to a lease as long as they are "reasonable". Is arbitration required?
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