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2 people on lease 1 moves out

I have a rental house and I charge a daily late fee which both tenants agreed to. One of the tenants moved out on 12-29-2013 and now the other says she'll be happy to continue to pay her half but the one that moved out says he will only pay the late portion up to the day he moved out. What am i suppose to do? Can i legally make him pay the other 1/2 since he is on the lease too. the rent is now 1-1/2 months behind + late fees.

If he signed for a year lease and broke the contract early he can be held responsible for the remainder of the lease length as well as any late fees that you charged. I would check with attorney or local municipality to start proceedings if you send a notice to the tenant that left and they do not respond.
he has promised for 2 weeks to pay something but has not paid anything yet I have the papers for the court filled out. can I also get them for my costs for court?
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