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Re Rent Increase

Hi, As a landlord and homeowner of a property in northern San Diego.  I had a major incident recently.  Some individuals renting rooms from me got in a fight which both might have filed police reports.   I could evict them both at the same time but I prefer raising their rents so they move out on their own. They are both month to month.   I believe there is no rent control in the San Diego region.  If I go over 10% rental increase, do I need to give more than 30 days notice and have valid reasons.

If your lease is for more than 30 days, the rent cannot be increased during the term of the lease, unless the lease states that it allows rent increases. If you have a periodic rental agreement, your can increase the rent, but the must give proper advance notice in writing. The written notice must state how much the increased rent is and when the increase goes into effect. California law guarantees you at least 30 days’ advance written notice of a rent increase if you have a month-to-month (or shorter) periodic rental agreement.
This being said Luis M with a month to month agreement and 30 days advance notice of rental  increase, is 10% the maximum  allowable increase under California law?
As a landlord in California who has been paying water/sewer,  garbage and yard maintenance for several years, the market has finally changed.  The rent I'm currently charging is reasonable for the property.  All other competing rentals available in the area with a rental payment close to the amount I'm charging require tenant to pay water, sewer, garbage, yard maintenance.     My tenants are on a month to month contract.  Is there a change of terms form that I can use to notify the tenants that in lieu of a rental increase, I'm implementing an amendment to the original contract  requiring them to pay water, sewer, garbage instead of giving notice to increase the rent?   Does this make sense?
I found the answer to my 10% maximum question.  If on a month to month and raising the rent 10% or less then you need to give 30 days notice.  35 days notice if mailing.   If raising the rent more than 10% / 60 days notice / 65 days if mailing.
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