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Can a tenant deny landord to inspect roof?

There is a major leak in my rental. I have the opportunity to have someone come out and assess the damage however tenant is saying they cannot come at the specific time I arranged. We do not need to go inside to stop the leak and can be done outside on the roof.  Is the tenant in their legal rights to allow this? I gave tenant 15 hours notice.  The home is on private land located in Washington.

Always plan for 24 hour notice,they cannot refuse you access. The 15 hours notice may not be enough especially if they said no. . In this case it could be considered an emergency and would be bad for them in the long run. You do have the right to fix the roof and any part of the property that needs upkeep.
No they cannot deny access if you give proper notice.  They don't need to be home or bothered anyway.
As long as you gave proper notice, you cannot be denied access. Especially in this case where nobody is entering the house. But if your renter is going to be a pain, make sure that the contractor has a signed authorization of some sort from you to cover everyone.
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