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No form support for FL 83.575

Disappointed I paid for a EZ membership to find EZ landlord lease has no text in lease nor addendums to support both these important FL statues:  83.595   Choice of remedies upon breach or early termination by tenant 83.575   60 days notice of intent to vacate at the end of a rental agreement  Both are summarized here:  I find it hard to believe I'm the first to notice this.   Starting to wonder how well this EZ lease will hold up in FL if i run into problems in court.    I guess I'm going to have to use other sites to get text for the two above statues. :-/

I have a few properties in Sarasota, FL and I always have a lawyer look over my lease before I rent out a property in a  new state. He would have pointed this out, I would hope, if it wasn't written to stand up to Florida state law.  I will contact him to see about this,  and let you know what I find!
The lease may 'stand up' for what it is, but it's missing these important options for two statutes 83.575 and 83.595 which should be offered as Addendum forms.  They are not.   These seem to be fairly important clauses to have available from a paid legal form generator.  83.575   Relates to requiring advance notice from a tenant to vacate at end of lease, and what the damages will be if they fail to give notice.  Without this, the landord is screwed from getting damages if the tenant decides not to renew at the last minute.   I had to get this clause from another legal site and insert it to be sure I'm getting 60 days notice, and if not, they will pay pro-rata damages for everyday past the 60 day lead time they are delinquent in giving notice.   The reason for having this offered in the FL law, and in your lease, should be obvious, but you *have* to include the clause text to be covered by it.  83.595  Relates to offering a tenant the option of paying a fixed amount of liquidated damages to get out of a lease early.   I needed this as my tenant has been in my place 3 years, the lease is up for renewal, but they expressed interest in buying a place and wanted an option to leave early in the renewal.  Without it, they may not have stayed, and they are very good tenants I want to keep working with if I can.
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