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Entering Room Retal - EZ forms Lease Generated Lease for Home not Room

So, I have realized that if a tenant in Califonia leases a room, the landlord is NOT required to give 24 hours notice to enter.  I have a renter that is breaking the lease by leaving old food in room.  The lease generated by EZ Landlord was for a whole house and states that I need to give 24 hours before entering.  The law states that I do not.  Which situation would apply?  Can I enter based on state / county laws or does the lease win out here?

Make sure you are correct about that law, I have been a landlord for many years and no matter what the Landlord Must give 24 hours notice to enter. The original lease is still in place even if the tenant subleases. The only time a Landlord may enter with out notice in in an emergency.
I am absolutely sure about this law.  I will post to you the civil code, when I have a minute.
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