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Renting to just one gender i.e. all girls or all boys

we have a five room unit and currently have 4 girl tenants with one more room to rent.  since the tenants share common space including 2 bathrooms we are telling any male who calls that we will only rent to girls.  this is a college student rental and our tenants prefer not to have any men as a tenant for privacy reasons. we are concerned about discrimination charges.  we are in Ohio and want to know if someone could sue us for discrimination.  thanks for your help Steve Anderson 330-635-6929

If it is in the interest of protecting the girls I do not think that this would be discrimination. However if you are concerned with this have the tenants themselves find a few possible tenants and screen them yourself, then have the tenants set up a roommate agreement or sublease.As long as they set up the official paperwork and lease it will all be valid.
Don't tell them you only rent to women. When a man calls, tell him the unit is no longer available. Problem solved.
In Oregon we have a law that states the following:  "This section does not apply with respect to sex distinction, discrimination or restriction if the real property involved is such that the application of this section would necessarily result in common use of bath or bedroom facilities by unrelated persons of opposite sex." ORS 659A.421(6)  It's possible your state has a similar law.
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