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Mississippi Rental Unit - Tenant Move Out Security Deposit, Last Month's Rent, and Lease Violation

We live in Maryland and own a rental unit in Mississippi.  For a year and two months we have been renting a unit to an on-time renter.  The renter never gave us any issues.  However, now that she has moved out it is apparent that she has violated her lease.  There were no animals allowed in the unit and the unit is filled with fleas and the unit manager the walls are marked by a cat.  There is a cat toy hanging from the ceiling as well. A neighbor told the unit manager that a cat was seen in the window.  Besides from this mess, there are several blinds missing from windows throughout the unit.  These two items are violations of the lease.  The house will have to bombed several times for fleas, painted due to the urine marks on the walls, and the carpet pulled due to the urine/fleas.  The tenant has also mistakenly paid the last month's rent again, although she paid it when she first moved in.  My question is since the deposit is not going to be enough to cover the damages, are we allowed to deducted monies from the "extra" last month's rent?  These damages will also put the unit out of occupancy for at least a month.  Any advice?    Thanks, Frustrated Landlords

Hey I know this is frustrating, nothing worse then tenants that end up costing you more money. First make sure they know they over paid, then make sure to send them the proper notice of violations, money owed, damages and that they will need to be paid for. Keep record of everything, take pictures to cover the documentation just in case you need to settle this in court. Luck to ya!
Thank-you Leonard D. Your information is very helpful.
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