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Word of mouth rental agreement

My mother had a word of mouth agreement with a friend she rented to. The agreement was that she would not pay last month, deposit, or sign a lease, she would pay $400 rent the home as is. It was agreed that it was to temporarily help the woman get back on her feet, she paid the first two months. Did not pay this month because she is demanding we fix up the property. She has trashed the place got a pet against agreement. We asked her to move out and printed up an eviction notice now she wants us to go to court. What should my mother be doing?

Go to court to evict her.  Take any texts that may have been exchanged that backs up you side.  Hopefully you took before pictures of the condition of the property.  Take pictures of the current condition to show the damage she has done.
I can feel your pain- even with a written lease- I have had to evict in Nevada. I did my research & found an excellent Eviction- Specialty Attorney. Yes, it was costly for us- but it was the only way to get rid of this PROBLEM TENANT!!! We will be able to deduct legal fees for this - it was costly, aggravating, and a lot of hauling of their deliberate mess & junk to pay to clean it all up . Even with a legal written Lease- there are some Tenants who are con artists. ***Even with a lawyer, going to Court- it took 3 months to evict her + 4 other family members. We lost 3 months' rent @ $950/ month, legal fees of $3,000, hauling of left behind junk- $150, carpet cleaning- 2 times @ $300, cleaning crew at $150 =$6,750 Total I was at least able to arrange with our HOA  to not charge us for all of the Tenants' HOA infractions fees- that was a big help financially to us. Go to court- find a good attorney- get it over with!!!!!!!!!!
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