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Bed Bug Treatment Charges

Can the lease in NC be worded so the tenant is responsible for paying for the bed bug treatment? The EZ Landlord Pest Control Bed Bug Addendum used to have the following paragraph, but has been removed.  The Tenant acknowledges and agree that during the first 30 days of tenancy, if he or she notices any pest infestation/or problem, including bedbugs, that the landlord agrees to treat the unit. After the first 30 days, its the tenant responsibility to have his or her personal property treated by a licensed pest control professional, at his or her own expense.

"§ 42-43.1. Bedbug infestation; landlord and tenant obligations. Google the above, that should answer your question.
Yes, I agree with the comment posted by J D. You can read § 42-43.1. Bedbug infestation; landlord and tenant obligations that are available on google, this will really help you. If you suspect bed bugs, you should definitely tell your landlords about it. It is very Obvious the person you are renting your house wants all the amenities because they think we are paying money, so we shouldn't compromise on anything. They need everything to be good going and if they will get it, obviously they will feel lucky to have you as their Landlords. It is the responsibility of the landlord to call a licensed Pest Control Ridgefield CT( company to exterminate your house so that the tenant can live after peacefully. Hoping this will help you.
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