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Credit Checks

How do you do credit amd background checks on perspective renters?

You can check out these websites...  or
how do i do a credit check  or find rental history on a person
There are many sites avaialable in order for you to conduct a credit check, see the answer from Relph from PA. It is a good idea to contact the previous Landlord, I usually like to go back 3 years. Make sure that your Tenants signed a permission or applciation that allows you to preform a credit check.
I use ClearScreening ([url][/url]).  They've got great customer service and their credit reports are only about $8 per report.  They also do criminal checks for around the same price as well.
I have seen a number of good online credit check sites, as mentioned. The important point is to establish some type of legitimate background for the potential tenant. You wnat to try not to get burned, so homework pays off, whether it is on the credit check or with references.
does anyone have a list of questions that they have asked in doing thier own checks on perspective tenants?
You need to be cautious here, as some states are developing rules as to what you can and cannot ask during a tenant interview or credit check. This seems to only limit the landlord! Go into the sections here regarding the leases and there is some very good information to get you started.
Hello,  A Tenant Screening is a separate charge since you are being charged per application per person.  $29.95 Silver This standard plan includes:  ezTenantScore Credit Report Nationwide Criminal Background Report
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