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Upset tenents.

This is my firt time as a landlord.  I rented to a young couple one month ago and the next month when their rent was due they send me a portion and gave their 30 day notice.  They seem to think something is wrong with the electrical in the house because they had an expensive utility bill.  They continue to send me letters that get more mean each time.  They are threatening to tell all prospective tenents that something is wrong in the house if I bring them in to show.  I contacted the utility company and they assured me nothing is wrong with the electric in the home.  What can I do to ensure they do not scare prospective tenents? Thanks for your help!!!

Do you know how high the electric bill really is? I would think that there may be a bad appliance in the house. Maybe there is a faulty air conditioner. Does the house have central air? I would ask for a copy of the electric bill. What appliances are included? Maybe the Tenant brought in a faulty appliance? You can purchase a device that will tell you how much electricity that the appliances are using. Here is a link... It's $40 and will most likely tell you if there is a bad appliance. This site offers a really good document on saving energy in your home.
Dear Kimberly: I am sorry that the first time out as a landlord you have to have these difficulties. First and foremose you should probably check with an attorney. Do you have a lease? Basically if you do - they have violated b/c they only partially paid you. I would immediately send out a Late Rent Notice (they have one on this site). Make sure you keep accurate logs of all communication. They have only lived there a month, how on earth can someone say there is something wrong with the property after only 1 bill. Try not to let them bully you. Get the paperwork together and be firm. Contact an attorney, there are links here to attorneys in your area. Make sure that for your next tenants, you use an excellent Lease and follow up documents as that will afford you better protection in the long run. This site has a great Lease and the documetns you will need. Good luck and do not give up. Real Estate Investing great, just educate yourself. Good luck and all the best to you.
Thank you both for your advice it is a great help. I am starting to feel maybe it isn't the best thing to try and have investment property.  But I will purchase the device and make sure things are working ok.  I know the house has an older less efficient air conditioner but with that being said I did live there for a year myself and the A/C did keep the house cool.  Am I responsible to buy a new one just becaues it is old but still working?
I would offer to your Tenants if they want a new more efficient AC, the rent will have to increase. The AC that is there now is what was there when they signed up. If you put in new AC the rent amount would increase for all future Tenants too. It's basically another investment. You're just renting an AC unit now.
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