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Can I have the tenant to pay me for cable & telephone?

I just got cable and telephone service install, and I wanted to know can I have the tenant pay for this as wel as their rent?

Yes, I think you can do this. As long as it is written in the lease, you can provide that the tenant pay for any reasonable utility they are provided. Is it in the lease, or can you have them sign and addendum to add it?
I agree that it needs ot be in the lease. There may be a question as to whether the tenant remiburses the landlord or pays the bill directly. I think it is better to have them reimburse the landlord because you know the bill is paid to the utility. Any other thoughts here?
Thank you for your response. One of the issues to always be alert to when renting property is to make certain that the bills are paid--especially those that the tenant is responsible for! While 99% are responsible people, the ones that don't care can turn out to be real problems. I make sure I have that covered in my leases!
Having it covered in a comprehanisve and well-written lease is the only way to go! I really have found the forms in here to be helpful--you still have to get the tenant to agree and then to actually have them stick to their agreement, but the forms are the basis for all this. Good luck!
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