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New to "Landlording"

Hello! What a great website and thank you for hosting this forum. I am new to being a landlord and am getting ready to lease the other side of a double house/duplex I own. I will live on the other side. Any help or ideas on selecting tenants and how to screen them? I am looking here for forms also. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Kathleen--I am glad to see more people joining and particpating in the forum. This is such a helpful website and the products are very up to date, which is not always the case with other websites I have seen. The other nice thing is this forum, where you can exchange ideas and comments. Hope to see more of you and good luck!
I know a number of people who have began their investing in real estate by buying a duplex (a double house) and living in one side while renting the other. If you can get the right price, and with low interest rates, the tenant side rent may pay most of the debt service on the entir house. What does this mean? It means that you may be able to live for low cost or nearly freee because the other-side tenants will nake the mortgage payment. All the while, you also anticipate that the house grows in value. It is a win-win situation!
Hi Kathleen -- I am also new to this game.  I just found this site, wish I found it earlier.  A great book you should purchase is "Every Landlord's Legal Guide".  Its great for rookie landlords like myself and easy to read.
Welcome! It is a great site with lots of interesting and helpful people.
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