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Tenant is breaking his Lease

My tenant signed a 1 year lease. He has only been at the Apt for 3 months and he gave me 2 weeks written notice that he is breaking the lease because of family issues. He gave me a check for 2 weeks rent. I have a $200 dollar deposit. Do I keep the deposit? What should I do as far as putting this on record as a violation?
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If the tenant signed a 1 year Lease, he is responsible for the entire term. Many states require that the Landlord mitigate damages which means the landlord has an obligation to re-rent the unit as soon as possible. But the tenant would be responsible for the unpaid rent until it is re-rented. After the tenant vacates and provided there are no damages, you should be able to use the security deposit towards the unpaid rent. Check with your Landlord/Tenant Statutes as you may be able to institure court proceedings in order to cover the rest. Good luck!
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