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Tenant did not sign a lease but gave a 4 week notice

Tenant did not sign a lease but still gave a 4 week notice of intent to vacate.  The tenant left the apartment in better shape than when she moved in.  In the state of Minnesota, is the landlord required to return the damage deposit if there was no lease signed?  And if so, how much time is allowed for it to be paid back?  Does the landlord have a right to keep the deposit?  Can the tenant come after the landlord for non-payment of the deposit?  Thanks...
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The link below which can also be found under the Resource page under the state links:  You should be able to find how much notice is needed to end a tenancy. If it is 1 month or 4 weeks, then you will probably have to return the security deposit. If your tenant left the property better than received, I would return it and find a new tenant.
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