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carpet cleaning charges

The clean and move out guideline here states- All capeted areas must be professionaly steam cleaned no matter the length of residency. I have been there 7 months, all rents paid in full,on time and fulfilled my lease agreement of 7 months. The carpet was just replaced several weeks before i moved in. No spots,spills,stains or questionable areas.My lease agreement does not have anything in it regarding carpet, or the way it has to be cleaned upon move out.I signed a move in/move out condition report that states the carpet was new as of the date a few weeks prior to my move in. Can i be charged for this? Seems an overkill to me.. I mean i went as far as getting a well known carpet cleaner in the area to give it there best biased professional opinion  whether it needs steam cleaning or not. There answer. Definately not.

Having been both a tenant as well as a landlord, I can tell you I would not want to move into a residence where the carpet had not been professionally steam cleaned, and speaking as a landlord, I'm sure that's your landlord's position as well.  Most Americans wear their shoes inside the house, and the dirt we track in is enormous.
I agree. The general rule is that steam cleaning can be required, regardless of how clean the tenant may be. It is a sanitary issue, and also a carpet preservation one.
If it was stated in the Lease and you signed it, you agreed to it. If you had a problem with it - you probably should have brought it up prior to signing a Lease. As you enjoyed new carpet, I am sure you will understand how a future tenant may want their apartment with freshly cleaned carpeting. Much like the bathroom being cleaned and so forth. Just because dirt is not visible does not mean it is not there.
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