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Massachusetts Rental increase Eviction Notice

I had a copy of a eviction notice for a rental increase on  my old computer but have lost the file cant seem to find one here. Mass law requires an eviction notice for rental increases. with all the utilities skyrocketing from a tenent who leaves lights & ac units on when not at home I need to do something =(

An eviction notice and a rental increase notice are two different documents and used for two very different situations. If the Lease term is expired or expiring soon and you wish to terminate the Lease, then a letter of non-renewal is what you need. Make sure you adhere to the Lease terms when sending a document such as this. This type of letter can be found on this web-site. If your tenant has defaulted in any way, you may send a Notice to Quit or Vacate and then start eviction in the district court in your jurisdiction. In Mass. , a 14 day notice is required for non-payment of rent and a 7 day notice is required for all other causes. This is a good document for this.  Hope this helps! When in doubt, consult with an attorney or contact your local district court.
Denise is correct. There has to be emphasis at all times in a rental situation on the terms of the lease. This also means that the lease and written documents have to be up to speed and current. This website has great forms and should be a terrific source of information for you!
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