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Move Out

In the state of CA what can I leagally charges my tenants for as far as repair when they are moving out?

I believe if you signed an agreement to give the right of deposit money than you will not be able to keep the deposit. I would read over anything you signed with them and find a loop hole. I would even contact an attorney if you can, if the damage will cost you! I hope that helps. Good luck!
As a general rule of thumb,charges to tenants after they move out should be above and beyond reasonable wear and tear. Check this site's resource links for a link to the information in your state. That may assist you.
It's 11:59:59PM  unless something else is in the lease.   I've been putting in Noon on the last day. so I can take possession and do the walk through at a normal hour.
Are you positive they moved out? IS it the end of the lease term?  A landlord may enter the premises without  the tenant’s consent if an emergency or abandonment occurs, or if the  landlord obtains a court order. A landlord may not abuse his or her right  of access to the premises to harass a tenant.
In MN you have to (ATTEMPT) to give a 24 hr notice, if you try to knock on the door or call them and can't get a hold or them, you attempted to do so and have the right to enter the property 24 hours after attempting. If the property is vacant, you have the right to immediately take possession of the property. Make sure they did abandon it though, if all their furniture ect.. is there, it will be hard to say it was abandoned.
You must hold onto the rest of her personal belongings for 30 days by law, if she does not come to pick them up you may get rid of or donate them. Make sure that you have proof of move out date in writing. As for costs you can try to collect for storage or disposal costs in small claims court.
If a lease expired and there is no further agreement, I cant see why you cant send such a notice. You may want to check with nyc laws regarding ending a lease. Some larger cities have different rules then states.
Inform the existing tenants that if they're not on your lease, you'll process for eviction. If their willing to assume, lease...if not, process for eviction.
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